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Here are some questions that I get asked a lot :

Q: How do I become a presenter?

A: Be determined, don’t be scared to put yourself out there and constantly film yourself presenting anything you can to showcase your style. My first travel presenting showreel was my best friend filming me running around an island in the Maldives narrating a treasure hunt! But thankfully, that video led to much bigger jobs. Be proactive, be focused… but also- be prepared for rejection!

Q: Would you say you’re a TV presenter in the UK?

A: I do so many projects abroad that I would much rather classify myself as an International Presenter (plus it sounds cooler!)

Q: What makes a good TV presenter?

  •  Not being scared to make a fool of yourself or wear your heart on your sleeve on camera
  • A dynamic energy
  • Clear speech
  • The ability to make people feel at ease.

Q: What’s your favourite part about being a travel show host presenter?

A: The travelling! (surprise surprise) And obviously learning and expanding my mind with every new destination. You can read about my 7 month long stay in Africa whilst presenting travel and conservation tv shows here.

Q: Can I be a commercial model?

A: It depends on your look! Being a commercial model, I do very different work to models who get booked for high fashion shoots. I am not 5ft 11 and do not have what they call an ‘edgy’ look. As a commercial model, your selling points should be your smile, clean appearance, versatility, charm, personality and sometimes acting abilities.

Q: I’ve always wondered how to be a commercial actress?

A: There are two key factors here: having a commercial look (answered in question above) and knowing how to act. I’m not talking Hollywood movie, but enough to be believable on camera for a 30 second commercial. Get some headshots done, join a good agency and attend as many meetings and castings as you can… oh, and don’t give up!

Q: Where can I find a TV presenter and actress?

A: Easy! here 😉

Q: Where can I hire a TV presenter and model?

A: Glad you asked…. here 😉

Q: Know a multingual TV presenter and actress?

A: As a matter of fact… I do! She speaks Russian, English, French, Spanish and Italian and you can see her languages presenting showreel here .

Q: Where can we find a TV presenter and wildlife and travel enthusiast?

A. That’s a tough one…. but, how about HERE ?!

Q: Who is a good / top travel presenter?

A: Hmmmm…why don’t you have a look at this travel presenting showreel… you know, just in case it tickles your fancy…