15/10/19 – Revamp Hair Campaign

A few months ago I did a pretty amazing, memorable and hectic high end shoot for Revamp‘s first ever campaign! The day consisted of me arriving makeup-less (and hair looking like a bird’s nest) on set at 8am, whizzing through makeup with a wizard (seriously) who somehow managed to make me look decent in under 20 minutes, then being dressed up in a glam outfit by the talented stylist, before finally prepping hair with Revamp’s glorious straighteners…. and then it was photo time! I saw the images on screen and was really surprised because I never thought straight hair suited me, but after this shoot I’m keen to explore the look more… if only I had the talents of Joseph Koniak, our brilliant hair stylist that day!

24/08/19 – Sardinia

It’s not often that I get to take a real holiday – meaning a week of no work, very little phone signal and doing absolutely nothing! That’s exactly how I spent 8 days earlier this month, on a friend’s boat in Sardinia. I’ve never really been around the island so was amazed at the natural beauty the place has to offer. Favourite spot has to be La Maddalena though!

Now that I’m back in work mode, I can safely say you’ll be seeing a lot of me on QVC UK in September (follow my Instagram for time/date updates), but in the meantime why not checkout the compilation video from my favourite shows to date:

17/07/19 – New Projects Out

A few new projects that I’ve been very excited about have been released this week and I can finally share some screenshots! The first is one of the new pictures on the UltraDex website which will also appear in pharmacies and on amazon.co.uk soon- I feel lucky and proud to be their new face and can confidently say that I can no longer use any other brand of oral care! The second is a screenshot from a promo video for a giant new development in Egypt. This was a huge production, all filmed in London on a green screen, and can now be seen all over the Middle East.

28/06/19 – Lavender Field Shoot

What a brilliant location for a shoot and one of my bucket list creative concepts ticked off! It was a warm day but the sky was nothing short of dramatic, which made for really unique pictures. Photography by Helen Bissell Bland, styling by Adrian Pini.

18/06/19 – Madrid

Presenting at the annual medical convention in Madrid last week was a brand new experience: I was in charge of presenting a medical script about the effects of inflammation on certain proteins to hundreds of doctors from around the world. When I first saw the script I was a little overwhelmed with all the medical terms that I’d never heard of, but after a few read-throughs it stuck in my head and I felt confident enough to present it roughly 100 times over the next 5 days! On my last afternoon I had a few hours before flying home and I decided to see the Royal Palace... I’d been to Madrid before but somehow never took the time to explore this stunning place. It’s incredible, both in terms of design/ architecture and history and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to wander around the area (open mouthed, obviously.). Also: I am overdosed on jamon, so none of that for a while now!

07/06/19 – Barcelona

The end of last month saw me travelling to Barcelona or a week for both work and play. I love Barcelona for its vibe, culture, history, beauty and diversity. After a few days of work, I took time to explore Girona, the amazing Dali museum and a few must see sights in Barcelona itself.

07/05/19 – World Snooker Championship 

A few weeks ago I filmed these cute little promos for the Snooker World Championship, sponsored by Select Specs. The idents featured on EuroSport channel for just over 7 days. And in case you were wondering, I’m a terrible snooker player!

02/04/19 – Breaking Through 

Absolutely loving the outcome of these pictures from last month’s ‘breaking through’ shoot with fashion and ballet themes. Photos taken by Elegant Glow Photography, Ayad Al Adnani, Nelly Sugar and Stacey Yianni.

27/03/19 – Copenhagen

I recently went to Copenhagen for 3 days. It was my first time there and the first two days were spent working from 8am – 8pm and I didn’t get to see any of the city. However, the last day was all about walking around and exploring. It was COLD but so beautiful and my favourite part was the canal with colorful houses surrounding it – such a magical vibe! Copenhagen

12/03/19 – QVC

Ok here come the exciting news I was talking about in my last blog post: I am now a Fashion Presenter on QVC UK ! You can see me on live TV 2-3 times a week for 1 hour shows, talking about all things fashion, style, trends and other completely unrelated topics for a bit of fun! Here is a quick video of snippets from last week:

20/02/19 – Miami / Bahamas

I have just returned from a week away working in Miami, followed by a glorious 2 days exploring the Bahamas! It was my first time in both locations and I feel so lucky being able to combine travel with work, especially in such beautiful parts of the world. Even though I didn’t get to see much of Miami because of the busy work schedule, I still got a feel for it and it’s exactly like I imagined : beaches, shopping malls, palm trees, trendy restaurants and bars and way too much traffic! Bahamas, on the other hand, was 2 days of pure exploration – a real paradise where I got to swim with piglets, pet nurse sharks, share a beach with iguanas and snorkel in the most amazing turquoise waters. And now that I’m back in London, I’ve got some very exciting news that I can share in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

04/02/19 – Zimbabwe

If you’ve been following my Africa Filming blog, you probably already know that Zimbabwe has become my second home. I’ve lived there for 7 months out of the last year and am proud to say I know the country better than most locals by now. That’s why, when a brilliant travel agency specialising in safaris offered to help me create my own Zimbabwe package holidays based on my experiences out there… I immediately said yes! After the popularity of the trailers, a lot of people have been asking me for safari and Zim travel advice anyway…. so this sounded perfect. My favourite package to create and plan has been Victoria Falls (because visiting Zimbabwe without seeing the falls is a big no no), combined with Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe’s biggest national park, and where we filmed some of the coolest wildlife sightings for the tv show, like this and this). We needed to film promo videos for this package and for the travel agency, so out I flew to Zimbabwe and off we went to Vic Falls and Hwange… and it was amazing!! I cannot tell you how well Mystreez have managed to organise what I had in mind: I zip-lined over the falls, drove a quad for the first time ever (and probably the last time, if you consider the safety of those around me…), went to some of the most unique restaurants, saw the most glorious sunsets and starry skies, stayed at the best lodges, got close to lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, hippos and the rare and protected Rhone antelope… and not to mention a few other incredible surprises that I’ll leave for you to see when the videos are out!

19/01/19 – Dubai

Almost every year around December / January you can find me in Dubai. My mom and I celebrate New Year there, see some family friends and I try to squeeze in a few shoots when time allows it. This time round, I was extremely pleased with the projects I got to be a part of. Favourites included a beach shoot with photographer Rebecca as well as a portrait shoot with Kathir.

10/12/18 – Russian Film Week

Earlier this month I had the privilege of hosting RUSSIAN FILM WEEK in London – a brilliant event that brings Russian cinema to an international audience. I presented the opening and closing ceremonies for Renovatio Entertainment, as well as the Gala evening and hosted four Q and A sessions with actors, producers and directors. It was a humbling experience as you are constantly surrounded by mind-blowing talent, and I even had the chance to interview the legendary Brian Cox and the inspiring Natalia Vodianova, whose charity was supported during the event. You can see bits of the interviews in the video below. And in case you’re wondering, those beautiful dresses are by Elena Bryntsalova and Audrey Ashley Couture 😉

8/11/18 – Germany Travel Show Filming

It’s been a mega busy month and I’ve just returned from an epic 10 day trip around Germany, where I was hosting 3 travel episodes for a global channel. We travelled around Munich, Frankfurt, Rudesheim and Cologne, covering all the best things to see/ do in the areas.

Despite the freezing cold in some locations (I will forever remember Frankfurt as the city that numbed my whole body with ice cold wind rain in 2 degrees), it was an awesome experience. My favourite parts were the Royal Residence in Munich (SUCH a beautiful city in general.. think it may have been my favourite!), Eltz Castle just outside Frankfurt (over 800 years old and still belongs to the same family 33 generations later.. how crazy!? Oh, and it looks like it could be Cinderella’s home) and obviously the Cologne Cathedral, which is stunning from every angle with a super interesting history of its own. We travelled with a small crew (and LOTS of equipment!) and had a schedule mapped out that would allow us to cover the best attractions and interview some incredible people (my highlights were interviewing the curator of the world renown BMW museum in Munich and the curator of the famous medieval art and history museum in Cologne – LOVE that kinda stuff!). And did I mention how much I had to EAT!? A big part of travel is exploring local foods, so at least once a day I had to eat a huge meal on camera- not complaining!! In fact, on the last day I felt so full that I said no to pizza *gasp!*

The 3 episodes will air globally in January next year, so be sure to check back for an update on times/ channels in a few months!