The most common question I get is ‘Where are you from?’ and after having lived in 5 countries and learning 5 languages (English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish), this becomes very difficult to answer! I consider ‘home’ to be wherever I am now, be it surrounded by wildlife in Africa, filming interviews in Europe or hosting events in the Middle East.

After my start in modelling for children’s clothing brands at age 8, the passion continued on the side of studies all throughout school and by 18 I had moved to Milan to pursue design, modelling and commercial acting. In 2011 I relocated to London and signed with my agent.

By then, clients for commercial work included Sony, Microsoft, eBay, Contiki, Panadol, Dorchester Collection, Lenovo, Penguin Publishing, iStockPhoto, Loreal, Wella, WunderBrow, School Leavers Company, UltraDex, Lubatti, SoftOffice, Agusta Westland and magazines such as GLAMOUR UK, EM, NATALIE, SCHUSTER and ELEGANT MAGAZINE. Portfolio found here.

Commercial modelling and acting slowly progressed into hosting events, which I found naturally suitable for my bubbly personality and language skills. During this period I gained invaluable experience in teleprompter work, learning lines (thanks, photographic memory!) as well as improvisation and working with different teams in different environments / locations. The events I hosted took place in locations like the Cannes Film Festival, Four Seasons Resorts, Lake Como, London and Monaco and I soon signed with a presenting agent and began hosting regular LIVE TV segments of 1 hour each on QVC UK selling fashion items as well as LIVE game shows in FRENCH for Swiss channels (3h, no commercial breaks). These experiences taught me how to think on my feet whilst presenting and the thrill of this kind of work is something I genuinely enjoy. Presenting showreels found here.

Next came the opportunity to host travel, safari and wildlife TV shows in Africa (airing worldwide now) which took just under a year to film and released 3 series in total : one focusing on conservation (6 eps), one detailing wildlife experiences across Zimbabwe (26 eps) and one with a heavy focus on tourist lodges and activities (12 eps). This experience was truly perfect for me because of my existing love for animals, the environment and travel. I found the year to be life changing as I not only began to envision my future in travel presenting but also learnt enough about tourism, wildlife, nature and conservation to be able to host other similar projects with conviction and passion.

The experience led to presenting 3 episodes on tourism in Germany for global channel TravelXP (airing worldwide now) and an hour long episode in Mauritius with Miss Universe Catriona Gray for the famous travel series Global Child (now airing on NBC’s PeacockTV as well as SKY in Europe). My most recent achievement includes hosting a documentary project in West Bengal about the Baul Community – a very interesting and often disregarded topic that I fully enjoyed immersing myself into and learning about (out 2023). A full list of my TV shows can be found here.

Since 2020 I live in Monaco, which has a perfect geographical location to be able to travel for jobs worldwide (and the weather isn’t too bad either!). Here I also host luxury events and run my own YouTube channel where I share travels and experiences with the rest of the world. I love working on new projects with clients from start to finish, be it an event, a tv show, a documentary or something completely new and challenging. Please feel free to contact me using this form, I would love to hear from you!